O2 ICE-CAP Digital Breakouts

Learning / teaching / training material / Educational game

The digital breakout challenges that comprise this innovative learning resource address key environmental themes and introduce the concepts and philosophy driving the circular economy. Scenarios for each resource have been developed that adequately address key environmental themes in both positive and negative scenarios. Resources developed will be pitched at introductory and intermediate levels to introduce best practice in environmental awareness. These resources lead on to more challenging tasks in the WebQuests that follow.

Designing these digital resources from scratch allowed partners to introduce different levels to ensure that learners can engage with the tools developed regardless of prior educational history and that a sustainable educational experience for learners is provided allowing them to build their skills by advancing through available levels. Two resources were developed by each partner. A typical introductory digital breakout has 3 individual challenges that get incrementally more difficult. While an intermediate resource can have 5 individual challenges that get incrementally more difficult.

Each digital breakout attracts an appropriate award as a recognition of achievement.  Each end-user who engages with the resources through the online interactive portal has the opportunity to create an online portfolio as a record of their learning achievements.

You can find the  Digital Breakouts in the Learning Portal