O4 Induction Training for Parents

The final element of the proposed educational materials for the ICE-CAP Family Learning Methodology to promote environmental awareness and the circular economy will be an induction training programme for parents and guardians. This induction training will have two key objectives as follows:

  1. To raise awareness of environmental issues and the circular economy of parents and guardians
  2.  To support parents and guardians in their role as facilitators of family learning

Resources to address the first objective will comprise a series of workshop lesson plans for use in small group settings that are based around information provision followed by role playing exercises. These exercises will focus on a minimum of 6 negative environmental scenarios and 6 positive circular economy scenarios. These workshops will play a crucial role in developing an understanding of environmental issues and raise awareness of the circular economy among the parents and guardians who participate. The training will comprise 6 half-day workshops.

The Induction Training will be available by end of February 2021.