O5 ICE-CAP In-Service Training Programme

Partners will develop a bespoke in-service training programme to ensure that adult educators are fully trained to harness the potential of the ICE-CAP educational resources.

The in-service training will place a significant emphasis on the use of new challenge-based educational resources. The focus of the in-service training will be to ensure that the adult educators who participate build the necessary skills to develop their own resources using widely available open source software, but also develop an understanding of how challenge-based learning works best for today's digital natives. The in-service training will comprise 60 hours of instruction made up of 25 hours of hands-on workshop learning and 35 hours of online self-directed learning.

A significant part of the online self-directed learning will be allocated to the adult educators to develop their own resources as a skills demonstration. The in-service training programme will be available online as a hand-book in pdf format for printing and as a flip-book for online use. It will be available in all partner languages.

This resource will be ready by end of February 2021.